Fabrizio Rama

Erwachen auf der Krämerbrücke

Acrylic painting on canvas 110 x 130 cm.

On the Krämerbrücke it's like waking up in a fairy tale. Like living in my own little village in the center of Erfurt. A place where I seem to exist in another time.
For me, this work conveys the feeling of waking up in all my colorful facets after a long, gray winter. Like an immense play of colors of feelings that can naturally unfold freely in space layer by layer.
Before coming to Erfurt I lived in a huge town in the middle of the traffic of a Gray metropolis, while today I wake up in this magical place full of inspiration and creative people between the magical night lights and the intense colors of the day and make me feel inspired to start a new projects.

L’origin du Monde

Acrylic paint on canvas, 135 x 155 cm

I have been always fascinated by Gustave Courbet’s painting entitled The Origin of the World. In this challenge in representing my version of the painting I portrayed the feeling that attracts me to Courbet’s original work. The scene focuses on the female nude in a private moment in search of intimacy and pleasure. The much sought after orgasm, the forbidden and venial pleasure, acceptance of one’s body and mind. Self satisfaction of one’s own beauty from a personal point of view, aesthetic love and desire to expand emotions, to open up writhing feeling immersed in an enveloping warmth and push yourself to the end of pleasure. Use the body arts and knowledge as the art of pleasure, make the body vibrate like a musical instrument.


Acrylic paint on canvas, 135 x 155 cm

Speaking of the sunset, many times I stopped to think:
And if the image of a sunset is the final image of the past day .
The image that portrays the day passed that self-assembles with the passage of time as if it were a painting of colours.
Something that manifests itself, like a love story for example you really understand what was only at the end when we no longer live it.
As daylight fades into the blue hour and getting lost in the night leaves us with a warm blanket, like a warm wind of sun, pampers us giving hope that a new person is waiting to know us and ready to love us.


Acrylic paint on canvas, 155 x 135 cm

It’s the feeling I’ve had watching the people involved in the couple’s evolutionary processes. Surpass a certain limit of knowledge or reality, move from one state of mind from one level of consciousness or lifestyle to another. Cross a line and stop before crossing another one. Arrive and start again Make mistakes, understand and learn not to make mistakes again. Go beyond the limits imposed by convenience, by a right balance, by good manners.


Acrylic paint on canvas, 35 x 34 cm

The intensity of the bodies moves slowly The black white of the skin breaks chromatic boundaries and the warm skin burns.
The eye is enchanted by the contrast carved like marble.
The body to the touch wraps and tightens, wraps me like a bundle of oil and brown clay and in the shadow disappears but in the reflection reappears.

Frozen Walk

Acrylic paint on canvas, 45 x 50 cm

You know when it’s winter outside it’s ten degrees?
Everything is covered with snow and you want to go out for a change ?
Well this is the image of my memory of that moment.
I’m off the snowy road, and I think about who made me do it.
Shortly after I see the snowy park adjacent to the houses in front of me and suddenly I feel at home again.
I am happy and I walk in a new landscape brighter than usual and surreal. The deaf noise of shoes trampling on the snow,
the surreal silence of the absence of metropolitan noise sunk in the snow .
The cold freezing of the legs begins to become less invasive and the icy wind now seems more like a light breeze and I want to throw a snowball .

Time Machine

Acrylic paint on canvas, 80 x 100 cm

A moment of meditative reflection
a moment for us to dedicate to our mind.
Wait for someone something a date, anything
Waiting can be an opportunity to relate to ourselves.
Go deep, go back to the surface,
find a memory that can inspire us as in this image.
For me, it’s the memory of my parents' song.
One day my mother had explained to me what this song was worth to her when she was young and the record player, played the vinile so she and my father saw the reflection and emphasis of their passion in this music.
My family, like many of my peers, is one of those influenced and founded on the songs of Italian music
Battisti Mina Battiato De Andrè De Gregori and other Italian singer-songwriters are the basis of our conception of life and love.

Developing Personality

Acrylic paint on canvas, 135 x 155 cm

Between the levels of consciousness and reflection the relationship with time is established, towards projections of possible different choices .Portrait of personality performed painting on various levels of color in a meditative state and yoga.


Acrylic paint on canvas, 45 x 51 cm

About passion, great desire and deep feelings of love. Sensuality in its bearing and good taste, Intelligence of his gestures and words that glide sweetly in the interesting conversation. The feeling of being able to feel it on my skin and its energy envelops me like a dress I feel I can wear it . Every time I’m with her here, everything makes more sense like a crazy trip and I see the essence of reality. The vibrations that interact from our bodies, flow into a unique point. Be inspired by her to access the space of a cosmic network in which I feel one with consciences of the past, present and future where dreams and ideas are created.

Orgasm in Blue dress

Acrylic painting on Cavas, 100 x 130 cm

In my project I try to give an image to the feelings I feel thinking about the memory through a meditative state.
I create the image without there being an existing figurative reference as in this case the memory of a special evening .
That day was special because she was wearing a very simple and elegant blue dress.
The blue was very good for her, she is a woman, a woman who knows how life works and I admire her.
This woman reminds me of Leonardo da Vinci’s painting of the Mona Lisa.
After dinner we walked down the street with the surreal atmosphere of street lamps in the streets of Berlin, the hill road between Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte that vaguely reminds me of Paris and Venice .
After the walk we went home and made love feeling enveloped by that electric blue of the dress on my skin and hers.

Autumn branches and leaves

Acrylic paint on canvas, 55 x 45 cm

I drew the image of a great memory, something about Berlin in Autumn. In my memories I am walking through the streets of Berlin; the cold and the uniform light of the white clouds that quickly alternate from light to dark. The walls of Prenzlauer Berg contrast with the dark black wet branches, the trees almost bare in golden yellow move with the wind under The sky now darker.
Warm leaves as hold memories of summer and warm light seem seem to burn and dance on the exhausted branches wet from the first Berlin cold wind.

Indecision to choose

Acrylic paint on canvas, 130 x 110 cm

2020 was a very complicated year for the pandemic and a year of change.
I had unlimited time to get lost in a sea of questions where there was not always an answer. So taken by the discomfort of not being able to answer and find a solution I gave myself time to reflect. Unconsciously reflect on many events in life and decisions to be made. I followed the instinct layer by layer I arrived at this image generated by the pictorial-meditative process, freeing my mind and letting go and then visualize a balance of space shapes and colours.

Exploding Spring

Acrylic painting on canvas, 130 x 60 cm

Desire to feel the warm summer air all around me,
walking in flip-flops all summer, forgetting about winter and freezing winds, long pants and heavy sweatshirts.
I want to enjoy the landscapes explode with all its colors and breathe all the beauty of nature and life.

Exploding Spring

Acrylic painting on canvas, 130 x 60 cm

Desire to feel the warm summer air all around me,
walking in flip-flops all summer, forgetting about winter and freezing winds, long pants and heavy sweatshirts.
I want to enjoy the landscapes explode with all its colors and breathe all the beauty of nature and life.

Talk & Beer

Acrylic painting on Cavas, 100 x 130 cm

The night is late and the hour is lost.
I’m in a bar with a friend, the inn is half empty but the cigarette smoke permeates everything.
The light of the lamps distorts like smoke in front of a gravitational field and everything mixes and changes shape.
The colors stained with cigarettes, the light hidden in shadows whispering something I don’t understand.
The melancholy atmosphere reminds me of the music of Tom Waits.